Absolutely, as a specialised marine finance broker, we have lenders that we will consider lending for business use provided there is a legitimate reason to put it through as such

We offer a minimum finance amount of $2000.00 on boat, yacht, and jet ski loans.

Depending on your credit file and how significantly your credit file has been affected. Very much a case by case, but the short answer is; Yes, there is a chance you will be able to get jet ski, boat or yacht finance.

Certainly can, we have access to multiple lenders that can assist with personal loans as well as boat loans.

Depending on your credit application,  there isn’t a ceiling limit. All depends on client profile and application

Again, subject to application. Standard lenders guidelines are usually favoured towards boats that are under 20 years at end of term, however, we have financed 30 year old boats and again, it’s all subject to clients profile. Some lenders will consider no age limit providing the asset value meets their Loan to value requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

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